Probe Reports Log Analysis (Appended) Failure

For the nagent.log and the first netdisco.log files, If you click on the status details you can see that the file size is the part of the service that is failing. The failure threshold is 20KB. Since the logs are stored until they reach 5MB, and then rotated, this threshold should be changed to 6-7MB.

FYI  this value is in bytes:
5MB = 5242880 bytes
6MB = 6291456 bytes
7MB = 7340032 bytes

For the second netdisco.log file, it is the time since the last log file growth that is failing. Unless you have a recurring net discovery task, you should not be monitoring this part of the service, because it will fail unless you do a manual net discovery at least every 1440 minutes.

These services should be fine once you make these adjustments.

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