HP MSA Front Panel Indicators

The HP MSA is a fairly popular storage device with a good feature set for small to medium sized organizations.  It makes use of the familiar HP Array Configuration Utility for configuration but its front panel leaves something to be desired.  I was able to obtain a document from HP support the details exactly what all of those blinking indicators really mean.

Indicator Function Description
0 – 2 Busy status ON = Indicates this array controller is idle
OFF = Indicates this array controller is operating at full capacity
3 – 7 Fibre Channel ID Indicates the 5 bit ALPA assigned to this array controller (not applicable when in fabric mode.)
8 Idle Heartbeat Indicates the Array controller is idle and functioning
9 Active/Standby ON = Controller is active
OFF = Controller is in standby
10 DMA active ON = DMA transfers are active
11 Logical I/O active ON = Currently processing logical requests from the Host Adapter
12 SCSI Bus 0 active ON = Indicates requests are outstanding on the first SCSI bus
13 SCSI Bus 1 active ON = Indicates requests are outstanding on the second SCSI bus
14 Cache Activity ON = Cache active
OFF = No cache activity
BLINK = Cache transfer pending
15 Drive failure ON = A configured hard drive has failed in the array
16 Redundancy Active ON = indicates two controllers are in a redundant mode of operation
OFF = The indicator will not be lit if there is only one array controller inserted or if the array controllers are not redundant due to some type of failure. Redundant cables must be connected to enable redundancy.
17 Fault Amber indicates an error message has been sent to the controller display

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