VMware Certified Design Expert Program Acceptance

I just received word that I have been accepted into the VMware Certified Design Expert Program. This is a new certification program from VMware that is designed to really separate itself from traditional certification paths.

For starters one must already hold a current VMware Certified Professional (VCP) certification on VI3.  This means attending the VI3 Install and Configure Class and passing the VMware Certified Professional exam.

Beyond that one must apply for and be accepted into the VCDX program.  Once that has been accomplished two exams will be necessary to prove the candidate’s knowledge levels.  Right now these two exams are:  VMware Enterprise Administrator Exam and VMware Design Exam.

After all of the classrooms, testing, and accepting the VCDX candidate will have to submit, present, and defend a VMware Infrastructure design to a panel of VCDX colleagues

Sounds like a long journey but I think in the end the VCDX will definitely come to signify the ultimate mastery of the VMware Virtual Infrastructure.

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