Move ANIXIS Password Reset to a New Server

The steps you need to perform to move ANIXIS Password Reset to your new server are:

  1. Download the latest version of APR from our web site (
  2. Install APR on the new server
  3. Stop the APR Server service on BOTH servers
  4. Copy APRSVC.DAT from the old server to the new one (in the APR installation folder)
  5. Copy APR.LIC from the old server to the new one (same folder as above)
  6. Use RegEdit to export the HKLM\SOFTWARE\ANIXIS\ANIXIS Password Reset registry on the old server
  7. Import the registry key exported above into the new server
  8. Restart the APR Server service on the new server
  9. Test APR and reconfigure your DNS records to point users to the new server.

Remember to set up a scheduled task on the new server to stop/start the APR server service so that you can backup the data store. The APR Administrator’s Guide has more details, including a sample script.

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