Kentucky Family Dinner

After consulting the restaurant ‘ban list’ I arrived at the Kobe restaurant. Kobe is your typical hibachi/sushi place with seating for eight around a large grill. Since I was dining alone I was placed with a group of seven others who were at Kobe to celebrate a birthday.

On two separate occasions, by two separate people, without hearing each other; I was asked if I went to Shelby County High School, because I looked familiar. I found that to be a little odd, but after the second questioning one of the other group members spoke up. This gentlemen was introduced as a retired Kentucky Highway Patrol Officer and with a studious look on his face he glared at me and said “I’ve seen him before, on those pictures at the post office.”

A good meal was had by all and some good conversations circled the table. At my time of departure I was told to have a safe trip home and sent off like any other member of the family.

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