Good Eats in Shelbyville

If you ever find yourself in Shelbyville, Kentucky apart from asking yourself why you are there, you should check out some of the local dining establishments.

Claudia Sanders (wife of Col. Sanders of KFC fame) restaurant is an excellent place to go for traditional southern cuisine. I had my first ‘hot brown’ which is a native Kentucky dish that consisted of turkey, ham, sauce, with cheese on top, baked in a small casserole dish.

The other local favorite has to be the Science Hill Inn. This establishment is really more than just a restaurant, contained within the walls are multiple shops and an indoor courtyard where the locals are busy conversing and playing cards. The restaurant within the Science Hill Inn serves traditional southern dishes (shrimp and grits) and the staff are dressed in maid/butler type outfits that feel authentic to the time period of the dining room.

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